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BMW Instrument Repair in Perth

05 Jun 2013 17:15 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
I have just had 2 R80G/S analogue speedo's refurbished by a Perth company  in Canning Vale. They did a complete overhaul replaced worn parts (yes they have a source for instrument parts), calibrated, cleaned and painted the speedo's for me. The cost was $120 per Speedo. They also work on the K instruments and VDO gauges etc. The business is managed by Jeff who I thought provided a friendly and efficient service, see the links page under members links for their contact information


  • 23 Jun 2013 15:51 | Deleted user
    If this is Aisat? I would just point out that there is a problem they cant fix. A common problem with the early speedos is that they used a silicon oil dampener in the mechanism and if this leaks it can cause two issues. 1. When the oil leaks out the dampener it no longer works and the speedo needle will jump around. 2. If the oil gets onto the magnet it will cause friction on the magnet surface and the needle will move up to one end or the other of the dial. They had three attempts at my speedo. They cleaned and serviced it and according to their test bench (which is bolted to the ground and doesnt move) it was working perfectly however when I put it back on the bike and went over a bump while moving the needle would jump around (no dampener.). Just a warning - further research suggests that it can be fixed - it needs a new dampener part but the company that made these speedo's no longer exists. There is a couple of companies in the US that claim they can fix this problem (about US$200 + postage) but I dont have any experience with them. Other options - you can still buy a new instrument from BMW (no longer have the kph version but you can still get the mph/kph one approx E300) Indian copy from Ebay ($99) they look the part but dont work too great. You can gut old ones to get parts - a lot of interchangability between models. I have been told that it is possible to use modern internals in your old case but I havent found someone to do it yet. Change the speedo completely (electronic - modern set).
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