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    • 07 Nov 2020
    • 13:00 - 17:00 (UTC+08:00)
    • Kingsley Fairbridge Reserve, Halls Head
    • 195

    Dust off your pride and joy, gather a few riding mates and take a leisurely ride to Kingsley Fairbridge Reserve, off Mary Street, Halls Head, from 1pm Saturday 7th November.

    Look out for the club dome (sunshade) on the South side of the reserve backing onto Hermann and Monique's house.

    Bring a chair, picnic lunch or something to throw on the BBQ and some refreshments for a relaxing afternoon in the Peel region.

    The club has some long serving members and recently gained several new members from the Peel region and this will be a good time to catch up and introduce yourselves.

    Partners are also welcome to join in the fun.

    Hermann and Monique have generously extended the invitation to use their back yard and facilities, even the family pool.

    There is no fee involved, when you register it will show a $0.

    Looking forward to a great turnout and an afternoon of fellowship.


    Graeme Cooke

    • 09 Nov 2020
    • 20:00 - 21:00 (UTC+08:00)
    • Victoria Park Hotel - Upstairs Meeting room

    The BMW Motorcycle Club of Western Australia Inc is convening a general meeting at which the following resolution will be proposed as special resolutions to alter the Rules of Association (Constitution).
    The Meeting will take place at The Victoria Park Hotel, 605 Albany Highway, Victoria Park WA 6100, upstairs in the meeting room at 8.00pm on Monday  9th November 2020..
    Special Resolution to update the current 2014 Rules of Association to bring the Club into line with the current regulations:
    The BMW Motorcycle Club of Western Australia Inc is required to update it’s Rules of Association in order to meet the requirements of the Associations Incorporation Act 2015, as the Club is in a situation where parts of the Clubs current (2014) rules are invalid.
    "All incorporated associations are required by the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 to provide for the Schedule 1 items in the rules (often called the constitution).   After 1 July 2019 if an association’s rules fail to address a Schedule 1 matter, the relevant provision of the model rules will be deemed to apply.  The purpose of this guide is to identify the sections of the model rules that may apply if a Schedule 1 item is missing from an association’s rules”  
    The draft version of the Rules – 2019 Rules of Association of The BMW Motorcycle Club of Western Australia Inc, are located on the club website for review and can be accessed via this hyperlink https://bmwmccwa.asn.au/sys/website/system-pages/?pageId=1848216
    The current 2014 Rules of Association are located on the Club website and can be accessed via this hyperlink https://bmwmccwa.asn.au/sys/website/?pageId=1649915
    A Summary of the changes is as follows:

    •         Several paragraphs moved to reflect new layout.
    •         Clause numbers have changed as a result of new layout and added clauses.
    •         Clarification of Minimum age for full voting rights.
    •         Clarity regarding rejection of membership application.
    •         Grace period when membership lapses – proposed 3 months – Was 14 days.
    •         Clarity regarding Voting rights for Honorary & life members.
    •         Clarity regarding storage of club records and access to same.
    •         Clarity regarding Disciplinary action. Division 2
    •         Clarity regarding resolution of disputes and grievance procedure. Division 3
    •         Clarity regarding Mediation. Division 4
    •         Clarity regarding roles and responsibilities.
    •         Alteration to Treasurer’s roles to accommodate different modes of making payment.
    •        Committee meetings - Reduction of the minimum number from 8 to 3.
    •        New paragraph – Use of technology to be present at committee meetings.
    •        Quorums remain unchanged at 12 members for a General meeting and 4 for a Committee meeting.

    Incorporated associations are now divided into tiers with increasing levels of accountability with higher tiers. The BMW Motorcycle Club of Western Australia Inc is Tier 1 and only requires simple financial records which do not need to be audited unless by resolution of members.
    Special meetings are able to be convened by the committee or 20 members (51 (1), 51(2)).
            Members need to be physically present at a general meeting to vote and participate in proceedings (54(1))

    Change to description of a Motorcycle, as follows:

           Motorcycle means a motor vehicle that has 2 wheels and includes —
    (a) 2-wheeled motor vehicle with a sidecar attached to it that is supported by a third wheel; and
    (b) a motor vehicle with 3 wheels that is ridden in the same way as a motor vehicle with 2 wheels

    Proxy voting form is available on the Club Website - private forum under Rules of Association topic.


    Graeme Cooke

    President BMW Motorcycle Club of Western Australia Inc


     Agenda for Special General Meeting and November General Meeting  

    Date: Monday 9th November 2020

    Time: 8.00PM WST

    Location: Victoria Park Hotel (up stairs)

    Note: socialising in the bar downstairs from 7.30pm, meeting upstairs at 8pm sharp

    1)     Meeting commencing: 8.00pm

    2)     Committee Present:


    3)     Present:       Members,       New members and    Visitors

    4)     Apologies:

    5)     Special Resolution to alter the BMW Motorcycle Club of WA 2014 Rules of Association in order to bring the Club into line with the current regulations. Notice of Special General meeting distributed to members as a separate document.

    a)     Resolution proposes the Club adopts the draft version of the rules – 2019 Rules of Association of the BMW Motorcycle Club of WA, which supersedes the current 2014 Rules of Association.

    b)     Copies of current and proposed draft have been posted on the Club website for review.

    c)     Members present to discuss and vote on proposed changes (Proxy voting permitted – refer attached template).

    d)     Alterations to the Rules of association can only be made if supported by 75% of members voting at the meeting or by proxy.

    e)     Alterations to the Rules only take effect when lodged with the Department of Consumer & Employment Protection.

    6)     Committee member’s update/ reports:

    7)     Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:

    8)     General Business and Ride Reports (If time permits).

    ·       Christmas Dinner details locked in and registrations are open on club website.

    ·       2020 range of Club shirts, hats, beanies and Hi Viz safety vests.

    ·       Swap meet 18th October, was a resounding success.

    ·       Inspiring future Ride leaders – How to support members to step up and take the lead (several members working on draft documents).


    Close of meeting 9.00pm

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