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Benefits of Membership of the BMW MCC WA

Apart from the obvious intangible benefits of being a member of an active and vibrant social club that revolves around the appreciation and enjoyment of BMW motorcycles and riding in general, we are occasionally asked what tangible benefits exist, especially if you can seldom if ever manage to attend club functions and events. So here is a listing of benefits that are measurable and some that that have an undefinable value.

For your $50 per year subscription you get:

  1. Club members can access concessional vehicle licensing saving 75-100% on their annual vehicle license costs, often well over $200 saving per annum per bike
  2. Insurers will give you 10% discount per annum for being a member of a registered motorcycle club. On a $350 annual premium that's worth $35 per annum. If you own a late model motorcycle or a couple of older motorcycles this alone covers your cost of membership
  3. Discounts on Service Labor costs of 10% are given to members at BM Bikes in Jandakot. An annual service bill of $500 in labour returns your membership fee of $50
  4. Discounts on parts are available at a variety of stores ie Munich Motorcycles up to 10% of the transaction - you must show proof of membership
  5. The Club subsidizes members attending the bi annual club dinners usually to the value of $10-15 per event.
  6. The club hosts tuning days where it makes available technical knowledge, know how, specialized tools and assistance that can save you $100's and enhance your motoring experience and confidence.
  7. Members traveling to Germany can on presentation of a letter of introduction from the club, enter and tour BMW's private vehicle museum which is not generally open to the public.
  8. Members have access to the clubs membership website and Facebook group, and can access workshop manuals for many models of BMW motorcycle.

Even if you don't attend a single club function or ride you can still save money and come out ahead with a club membership, but why miss out on the great social benefits that participation delivers.

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