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27 Mar 2014 22:14 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
As you are all most likely aware the last few months have seen an alarming toll of motorcycle related accidents some fatal. More than ever it is essential that you watch out on our roads. While many of these accidents have been attributable to rider error there is still the ever increasing threat of distracted drivers due in no small part to their preoccupation with mobile devices. While making yourself more visible is a good thing you cannot rely on this alone to prevent a distracted or intoxicated driver causing you harm. Take care to manage your riding space and separate your self from those who exhibit the tell tale signs of haste and distraction.

On a related subject Dave Wright has sent us the February Road Safety Report which contains some informative information on the legality or illegality of lane splitting in WA

You can read the full article in the Newsletters section, here is an extract:

"I have covered this issue before but I am still asked if lane splitting and filtering is permitted in WA. One of the issues raised during discussions with the Minister for Transport was allowing motorcycle lane filtering. This has been taken off the list because lane filtering is allowed in Western Australia within certain limitations (surrounding traffic must be stationary, signalling is still required and must be done safely).

Here is the related regulation for overtaking. You will note that reg 122(1) stipulates a moving vehicle so when the vehicles are stationary that reg doesn’t apply.

122.        Overtaking

      (1)     When overtaking a moving vehicle, a driver of a vehicle (other than a bicycle) shall, except as provided in sub-regulations (2) and (3), pass to the right of that vehicle, at a safe distance.

               Points: 2 Modified penalties: 2 PU

      (2)     Where a carriageway is a one‑way carriageway, or has 2 or more marked lanes for vehicles traveling in the same direction, a driver may overtake and pass in another marked lane to the left of a vehicle, if conditions permit him or her to do so with safety.

Lane splitting - traveling between two lanes of moving traffic is illegal in WA


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